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Panhandle Milling specializes in transforming grains and seeds grown on the farm into flavorful products on the shelf. With outstanding farmer relationships and capabilities that include grain cleaning, milling, blending and private label packaging, we create real solutions for today’s food companies. The family atmosphere of our company, the passion of our staff and the entrepreneurial spirit embedded in our culture makes Panhandle more than an ingredient provider, but truly a food creation partner. In-house customized formulation coupled with our superior conventional and organic products assures that you get consistently high-quality products that we can both stand behind. Give us a call or send an email and let’s get your products moving forward!

Our Facilities Are

Our Facilities Are

Our History

Panhandle Milling’s history began long before the facility was built in 1965. Our story begins with Harold Dillehay, raised in Vega, Texas. With a modest upbringing, Harold learned the value of hard work early on in life.  At eleven, he was working at a grain elevator.

After a brief time at Clarendon Community College, Dillehay began his family and halted formal education to provide for his growing family.  With grain production experience, he gained employment at Taylor/Evan, located just a mile from Dillehay’s bright future. Taylor/Evan sold the business to Dawn CoOp another proprietor that soon released Dillehay from his management position.

Dillehay had always been a visionary, misunderstood at times because he didn’t think like other people.

It was this vision and ability to think outside of the box that led Harold to believe he could build a business in the Panhandle to meet the demands of mid-sized bakeries from El Paso to Albuquerque.  On the flip side, his operation could provide enough wheat middlings to meet the demands of the “Beef Capital of the World.” Harold’s entrepreneurial spirit paired with the support, investment and confidence of ten local farmers bore the seeds for Panhandle Milling.”

Dillehay was one of the first to extend credit terms and operate a local milling company in a way that supported the farmer and ultimately expanded distribution. The mill grew exponentially over 20 years, adding more than 55,000 pounds of storage along with grain elevators, corn cleaning facilities, and rail loading and unloading facilities.

From the beginning, Panhandle Milling has been about local service and even through the years, it is the Panhandle spirit that keeps the mill moving forward.

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