Commercial Flour

Buying flour in bulk for your business shouldn’t be complicated, so Panhandle Milling has made it easy! Our talented sales team knows our portfolio and product offerings backward and forwards and is able to help our valued customers find the right products for their business and baking needs.

Our bulk flour product offerings

Bulk all purpose flour

The building block for everyone’s flour needs, infinitely-versatile all-purpose flour is useful in nearly every setting, hence the name! We are pleased to offer flour in a variety of sizes and can deliver regularly to meet your needs. Available in conventional and organic varieties, start with Panhandle’s all-purpose flour as a demonstration of our commitment to quality.  

Bulk bread flour

Panhandle Milling knows bread. Our skilled R&D team has a combined 50+ years of experience in the baking industry, and bread has always been an area of passion for us. We’re prepared to work one-on-one with your business so we can truly understand your formulation needs. Panhandle’s bulk bread flour is thoroughly tested to ensure accurate protein percentages so that all that extra time spent kneading to create excellent gluten structure does not go to waste.

Bulk high gluten flour

In line with Panhandle’s bread flour, our facilities take extra care to ensure accurate protein percentages in all our specialty flours. Our high gluten flour is no exception to these stringent quality standards. So whether you’re baking at home or on a large scale, Panhandle gives you the ingredients you need to produce the highest rising, chewiest, and most stable products for your consumers. Make amazing pizza crusts, biscuits, bagels, and crusty breads with high gluten flour from the people who really know flour. 

Bulk whole wheat flour

For an added boost of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients to your finished products, Panhandle recommends our whole wheat flour. Work with our experts to choose between either conventional whole wheat flour or organic whole wheat flour. This nutritious flour is available in a variety of bulks sizes to suit your commercial business (or home business) needs, our flour is a great fit for traditional breads and doughs or whatever non-traditional recipe you can dream up.

Bulk specialty flour

Interested in a specialty flour not specifically mentioned here? Contact our knowledgeable sales team to talk about all things flour and grain. They can help you make informed decisions surrounding price, functionality, and market appeal when it comes to growing your product portfolio. From yoshon flour to gluten-free flour, our facility has the capacity to fill orders both big and small.

Do I qualify as a bulk flour customer?

From small scale to large scale orders, Panhandle Milling serves a variety of customers. Our bulk program is designed for those customers taking a truckload or more of flour, or 450 CWTs. Our sales team, supply chain team, and wheat traders all work hard to procure the best product, price, and transportation for your order. Don’t meet the requirements for a bulk flour customer? Head over to either or bakery, mix, retail, or wholesale pages to find an offering that’ the perfect match for your business. We offer bulk flour on an as-needed or contract basis, depending on what your business requires.

How do I get my bulk flour order pricing?

The best and easiest way to view pricing for bulk orders is to fill out the wholesale customer form to gain entry into our wholesale portal where, in addition to pricing, you’ll find more information about our products and abilities to customize your orders. Our team is enthusiastic about flour so if you want to get somebody on the phone feel free to give us a call.

What transportation services do you offer?​

For our bulk orders, Panhandle Milling offers vans and rail car transfer options. With locations in Dawn, TX, and Farmington, NM, we are best equipped to service the Southwest and West-coast regions. We work hard to source all our wheat locally. From Albuquerque to Los Angeles, Panhandle Milling is your partner in high-quality and fairly-priced flour with amazing customer service to boot.

Place your bulk flour order today​

Panhandle Milling is changing the industry with our wholesale technology, which allows you to purchase your flour with ease. Simply visit our wholesale portal, view pricing and product options, customize to your needs and click, your order is placed and on its way. Whether it is your first or hundredth order, our system makes it easy to get the same thing every time or update every shipment to suit your needs. We’ve still got an awesome sales staff backing up our technology to give you the customer experience you deserve. – what exactly do we want to do here?

Don’t quality as a bulk flour customer? We can still help!

Your business is important and you don’t have to place a massive order to qualify for wholesale pricing. We want to hear from you and work together to find a solution to suit your needs. Send us a message or give us a call to tell us what you’re looking for, we love hearing from our customers and want you to have access to premium ingredients, no matter what

What makes Panhandle Milling’s bulk flour different?​

From the field to the mill to our headquarters, Panhandle Milling prides itself on three tenets of how we do business, all equally important:

Our people

Happy people produce happy grains. We work directly with farmers and take care of our employees to deliver what we strongly believe not only great products but great people who are proud of what they do.

Our customer

We’re here to listen and we want to hear from you! All our hard work is to give you the products you need to do what you’re best at. Seeing what our customers create with our products inspires us and keeps us pushing to deliver on your next order.

Our quality

Taking the time to learn about our products and spending your hard-earned dollar is a statement of trust. Our quality is a reciprocation of that trust. We know you have a great number of options in this industry and we strive to give you quality products that keep you coming back again and again.