Working with local farmers since 1965

Panhandle Milling is proud to make local wheat a fundamental dimension of our business model. We’ve been working with local farmers in both Texas and New Mexico to source wheat for over 60 years. America’s farmers are truly at the heart of everything we do.

Grain-based products made with integrity.

What makes our products different? We’re able to trace our ingredients back to the source. And, for most, that source is just a few miles from its respective mill. Our team at Panhandle Milling is pushing the boundaries of what it means to have national reach while still maintaining the integrity of a business focused on strengthening and supporting its local community.

Are you a farmer? Work with us!

As a leader in the industry, we know that our products are all about the quality of the raw ingredients. Work with Panhandle Milling to process and clean your wheat, corn, and so much more.

Wheat cleaning

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Grain cleaning

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Toll milling

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