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Country Sweet Honey Multi-Grain Cornbread

Country sweet cornbread is made easy using just a few simple wholesome ingredients. Adding whole grain to cornbread adds deep rich flavor as well as nutrition. We're extremely proud of the quality of our Multi-Grain and and Chia Pancake Mix, and we openly admit, it isn't just for pancakes! When used with fresh-milled Specialty Grains Corn to make a sweet cornbread, the flavor is exceptional! Serve it warm for breakfast, or with your favorite thick chunky chili! With the holidays, it also makes a wonderful cornbread stuffing!

Country Sweet Honey Multi-Grain Cornbread

2 cups Panhandle Milling Multi-grain and Chia Pancake Mix 2 cup Specialty Grains yellow cornmeal

½ cup honey

2 eggs

2 cups milk

1/3 cup oil

Directions: Wash and sanitize all work surfaces and tools. In a 2-quart sized bowl, combine the baking mix and cornmeal. Add all remaining ingredients and mix until smooth, about 1 minute. Pour batter into a greased 9-inch baking pan or deep cast-iron skillet. Do not eat raw batter or flour. Bake at 400°F 30-35 minutes until golden brown and internal temperature over 180°F.

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