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October 24, 2019

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3 Killer Delicious Flavored Tortilla Wraps

May 17, 2017


In our first blog post here on the Panhandle Milling website, we gave you a fully adaptable clean label Regular tortilla Formulation. In this post, we’re going to be exploring how to adapt that formula into three very different flavor profiles for your customers.  When making these, it is usually just a matter of adjusting a small percentage of flavoring in the formula. The only formula that changes the flour is the multi-grain formulation. Even then, it is only changing the main flour percentage by backing out part of the flour and replacing it with our organic sprouted wheat flour. This will give you the ability to provide a healthier tortilla for those looking to increase their whole grain intake. The process in the production of the whole grain tortillas remains almost identical to the original tortilla formulation. It is a simple adaptation your customers will love!

Here is our original tortilla formula:



Mixing the ingredients first requires mixing all the dry ingredients and then adding the shortening. The shortening is cut into the dry mixture, ideally until a very fine texture is achieved.  Only then is the water added and the dough is kneaded into smooth consistency (water absorption around 750 Farinograph Units). Less water absorption will make dough very stiff and difficult to press, yielding inferior quality tortillas. Higher water-absorption levels result in tortillas with a silky soft texture and many layers. However, this may cause rolling problems, as the dough t