We have traditional cereal grains in many whole-grain varieties for all your baking and flour production needs. Whether you are baking wheat bread, multi-grain pastries, or making whole grain tortillas, we have the grain to make your production run smoothly. We source all our traditional grains from the United States and work directly with the farmers to ensure that you get the highest quality grain in the country. Each with unique qualities, these cleaned grains are available in 50 lb. bags, totes, and pneumatic bulk trailers.


Hard Red Winter Wheat

Hard Red Winter Wheat is one of the most widely used wheat varieties in the United States. Hard Red Winter Wheat is used for bread flour, tortilla flour, and thick pizza crust.

Hard White Winter Wheat

Hard White Winter Wheat has a milder, nuttier flavor than Red Wheat. It is ideal for bread baking when you want the bread to have a less “wheaty” flavor.

Hard Spring Wheat

has a higher protein content that Hard Red Winter Wheat.". It is ideal for pizza crusts, bagels, and European bread.

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