Organic Bread Flour


  • Wheat flour milled from selected stocks of cleaned and tempered wheat
  • Certified organic hard wheat
  • Grown in the United States of America
  • Ideal for artisan bread making, sourdough, and pizza
  • 50 lb


United States of America

Grain Type

Certified Organic Hard Wheat

Protein Content

10.5 – 12%


Organic Wheat Flour



Why You'll Love It

Are you struggling to get an amazing rise and great dough development in your breads and pizzas? This organic flour has just the right protein content for optimal hydration and gluten development allowing you to create the ideal doughs to sustain structural integrity during fermentation. It is perfect for multi-step dough formulations that also include sourdough starts, pre-ferments, and poolish.

Product Applications

Yeasted Sandwich Breads, Dinner Rolls, Breakfast Pastry, Doughnuts

Care and Storage

Ambient conditions (<70°F and RH <50%) in a sanitary, pest free environment. Store away from strong odors such as perfumed products, soaps, detergents, cleaning solutions or any other such chemicals.

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