Quinoa Enchilada Meatballs with Chimichurri Roasted Vegetables

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<figure><img src="https://static.wixstatic.com/media/b6829f_a8c10ffdc0f74f5b913fab1079e8da93~mv2_d_4779_3456_s_4_2.jpg/v1/fit/w_1000,h_1000,al_c,q_80/file.png" ></figure><p>Are you looking for a delicious way to use cooked quinoa? How about some enchilada-style meatballs with chimichurri marinated roasted vegetables? This restaurant-quality meal has all the flavor of your favorite Mexican Cantina, without all the fat and chemicals you find in most of those places. It’s a one-pan roast in the oven as well, so it comes together quickly!</p><figure><img src="https://static.wixstatic.com/media/b6829f_08f819d36c0e4a02bdc7a9b09bb80c2c~mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2.jpg/v1/fit/w_1000,h_1000,al_c,q_80/file.png" ></figure><h2><strong>Quinoa Enchilada Meatballs and Chimichurri Roasted Vegetables</strong></h2><h3>n<strong>Quinoa Meatballs</strong></h3><p>1 lb. Lean Turkey Sausagen1 cup <a href="https://www.panhandlemilling.com/shop/White-Quinoa-p187430153" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>Specialty Grains Quinoa</strong> </a>(white or red), cookedn1 tsp ground cuminn2 tsp ground chilin2 Tbsp. Garlic, mincedn1/4 cup Onion, mincedn1/4 cup Green Chiles, choppedn1 Eggn1 can (15 oz) Organic Red Enchilada Sauce</p>n<p> </p>n<p><strong>Directions:</strong> In the medium bowl, combine the meatball ingredients until well blended. Divide the mix into 18-20 meatballs. Place on the meatballs on one-third of a standard half-sheet pan (18 inches by 13 inches). On the other half of the sheet pan, spread out the Roasted Vegetable mixture (below).</p>n<p> </p><h3><strong>Chimichurri Roasted Vegetables</strong></h3><p>1 Bell Pepper, slicedn1 Onion, medium, slicedn1 Zucchini, medium, slicedn1 Summer Squash, medium, slicedn2 Portabella Mushrooms, slicedn1 cup Chimichurri Sauce, prepared (see below)n2 Tbsp. Avocado Oil, chili infused</p>n<p> </p><h3><strong>Chimichurri Sauce </strong></h3><p>½ cup Red Wine Vinegarn½ tsp Kosher Saltn4-5 Garlic Cloves, peeledn½ Jalapeno, seededn1 cup Cilantro, freshn½ cup Parsley, freshn1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oiln1 tsp dry oreganon1/4 tsp nFor the Sauce, combine all ingredients in a covered food processor and pulse until smooth.</p>n<p>Combine all the vegetables in a large bowl. Drizzle with the Chimichurri sauce and Avocado Oil. Bake at 425°F 25-30 minutes on a sheet pan with the meatballs.</p>n<p> Drizzle with enchilada sauce. Serve hot with the roasted vegetables. </p><figure><img src="https://static.wixstatic.com/media/b6829f_58f81d3ac38c4af5b2fbe9c534354e0e~mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2.jpg/v1/fit/w_1000,h_1000,al_c,q_80/file.png" ></figure>n<figure><img src="https://static.wixstatic.com/media/b6829f_3c02dd4b4ccd4d79ba5a3082c7bc8261~mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2.jpg/v1/fit/w_1000,h_1000,al_c,q_80/file.png" ></figure>n<figure><img src="https://static.wixstatic.com/media/b6829f_f0e173ada64a40e4b83260f7840fc435~mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2.jpg/v1/fit/w_1000,h_1000,al_c,q_80/file.png" ></figure><p>#meals #turkey #meat #appetizers #grain #quinoa #dinner</p>

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