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Ingredient Integrity

Low-Micro Wheat Flour and Mixes

Low-Micro Flour at Traditional Flour Prices!

What does Low-Micro stand for?

Low-Micro stands for Low-Microbial load. Panhandle Milling’s Ingredient Integrity™ brand offers Low-Micro Flour has 99.999%* less harmful pathogens than untreated flour. Our Low-Micro Flour maintains the same functionality, organic certifications, appearance, smell, and ingredient declaration as traditional flour but with less risk! Best of all, unlike heat-treated flours, Low-Micro is affordable!

*When using GuardianTM, by Energis Solutions, an average 5-log reduction in E.coli is achieved in the flour milling wheat tempering process.

Why Do I Need Low-Micro Flour?

Reduce Risk

Flour is made from wheat which is a raw agricultural product that may contain harmful pathogens

Brand Protection

Recalls related to flour may be less common, but that doesn’t mean they are any less damaging


Many treated flours are too expensive for companies to adopt — low-micro is affordable

What type of product should use
Low-Micro Flour?

Any food product that may not fully go through a kill-step before being ingested should use Low-Micro Flour. Unless your cook a product fully, the moment it leaves your production facility you are relying on others to control your risk. Low-Micro Flour helps reduce that worry. Any product that is take & bake, ready-to-bake, or ready-to-cook should use Low-Micro Flour.

Low-Micro Solutions for Baking Mixes

We offer pre-formulated baking mixes as well as custom formulation to meet a wide range of product needs.