Whole Wheat Flour


United States of America

Grain Type

Hard Wheat

Protein Content

11.9 – 13%


Whole Wheat Flour



Why You'll Love It

Freshly milled and free of bitter flavors, this whole wheat flour is a nutritional powerhouse. Panhandle’s whole wheat flour is a rock star player in your kitchen, whether you’re making a hearty whole grain bread, roll, tortilla, or cookie with a pronounced wheat flavor profile. In Greek, the word “perfect” means “whole” and that just about describes this whole wheat flour in a nutshell. Perfect.

Product Applications

Whole Grain Yeasted Breads, Dinner Rolls, Whole Grain Tortillas, Whole Grain Crackers, Sandwich Loaves, Pitas, Flat Breads, Muffins, Cookies, and Pie Crusts

Care and Storage

Ambient conditions (<70°F and RH <50%) in a sanitary, pest free environment. Store away from strong odors such as perfumed products, soaps, detergents, cleaning solutions or any other such chemicals.

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